Children's Christian Self Talk CD - Amy's Country Candles

Children's Christian Self Talk CD


Positive Affirmation for a Positive Attitude

Let's Make a Difference -

Stop the Bullying!

I have created a Children's Christian Self Talk CD -

Positive Affirmation For A Positive Attitude.

This Self Talk CD is to inspire young people to lead

Christian lives as positive, loving individuals.

Our society is hard to grow up in!

Children are mean to each other and even to adults!

We must teach our children to be role models against hate,

bullying and to love one another.

This CD will aid in this mission!

I have listened to Positive Self Talk CD's to help

reprogram my mind against all the negativity in this world,

and our children need this too.

$1 of the proceeds from each CD goes to MacDonnell Children's Services.