Amy's Country Candles® Fragrances

Fragrance Name Description
Amy’s Vanilla Sugar Cookie™ Inspired by Amy’s mama’s fresh-baked sugar cookies with sweet vanilla icing. This #1 best seller has made Amy a success and all because of a childhood memory.
Baby Powder Just like a baby's bottom. Clean and delicate with soft notes of powdery freshness, a hint of star anise and dusty rose.
BFF™ Inspired by the priceless friends in Amy’s life. This mixture of white lilies, freesia, and apricot is a tribute to those in your life that you can have a good laugh with, a good cry with, and you cannot picture your life without!
Bird of Paradise Freshly picked strawberries and fluffy whipped cream. A perfect, succulent dessert and one of our best sellers!
Blueberry Cobbler Tart blueberry filling with a sweet sugary crust sure to make your mouth water!
Cajun Chic™ Amy describes Cajun Chic as a scent that brings her back in time to when she was a little girl running around in the fields chasing butterflies smelling the honeysuckles along the wooden fences. 
Cajun Man™
This manly scent has fruits, herbs, and wood combined. It's been described by some of our customers as a "scrumptious man in a jar!"
Cake Reminds you of the delicious smells coming from mom’s kitchen! This smells of freshly baked cake with a touch of cinnamon and drizzled with homemade almond icing.
Candy Cane
Feel the warmth of the holidays with this traditional Christmas classic. Light our wonderful peppermint Candy Cane candle to welcome all of your holiday guests.
Carmel Pecan Pie Our Carmel Pecan Pie scent serves up the aroma of sweet creamy caramel, brown sugar and nutty pecans to any room. During the Mardi Gras season this candle is called Krewe of Amy!
Christmas Splendor
A combination of fresh apples and juicy oranges perfectly blended with the spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove; the splendor of the holiday season!
Christmas Tree
Effervescent fir mixed with fresh pine needles and woody cedar completes this Christmas classic.
Cinnamon Spice
Hot! Hot! Hot! It's the fragrance of red hot cinnamon candies with a blend of freshly ground cinnamon, cinnamon leaf, and spicy clover bud.
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie
This sweet scent takes you back to family breakfasts during the holiday season. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls with a delicious whipped vanilla icing.
Clean Linen

Fresh, warm, and right out of the dryer! It is pure delicate scents of cotton, mandarin blossoms, and freesia with a hint of peony.

Country Chic™

A lovely, sophisticated scent! This floral perfume will remind you of wild roses on a summer day. If you like Victorian Rose, you will adore Country Chic™.

Country Heaven

A blissful, vibrant fragrance of lily of the valley blended with white peony and white musk that takes you away to a lush green meadow on a sunny summer day. Find your Country Heaven!

Cucumber Melon

Fresh from the garden cucumber perfectly blended with juicy honeydew slices and soft musk. A fresh scent sure to soothe your soul!

English Ivy

A stroll through a flourishing garden in the English countryside filled with the fresh scents of tender ivy, sensual jasmine, and delicate orchid petals!

Eucalyptus Spearmint

This is a refreshing blend of sweet spearmint and lime with a hint of eucalyptus.
Experience the heady, intoxication aroma of gardenias with this fragrance. Gardenia blends with notes of violet and green leaves, with light berry notes and a hint of spicy cloves. We created this lovely Signature Scent for The Ritz Carlton of New Orleans, and they burned this signature scent for 10 years
Glamour Chic™ Soft, sweet cashmere with luscious tones of amber, mandarin,and jasmine. Glamour Chic attracts the soul and will make your heart smile! Get them while they last!
God Chic™ Sun kissed notes of sweetly ripened raspberries and golden Georgia peaches brighten the sweet Magnolia blossoms freshly picked from the tree.

Formerly Peach Magnolia Raspberry! A fan favorite.

Hot Baked Apple Pie

Deliciously sweet apples, warm generous swirls of cinnamon and perfectly baked pie crust makes this pie a favorite tradition!

Jasmine Vanilla

When you close your eyes and smell this candle, it is like walking through an exotic garden in Tahiti at sunset. The intoxicating aroma of fragrant jasmine and sweet Tahitian vanilla make this scent sensual and delicious.

Juniper Breeze

Breathe in the rich balsamic juniper and soft musk, refreshing as a cool morning breeze!
Lemon Meringue Grandma’s homemade lemon meringue pie, filled with tangy, fresh lemons enveloped in a golden buttery crust and topped with peaks of sweet vanilla meringue. Mmmmm… Sure to make your mouth water!


Pucker up, Gorgeous! No girl should be without her lipstick! Yummy, sweet strawberry shortcake is the delicious scent you will experience with this awesome new scent from Amy!
Louisiana Sugar Cane™ Ah, the sweet, sweet scent of southern-grown sugar cane! Warm, raw sugar, candied Tonka bean, and rich Tahitian vanilla round out this Louisiana treat.


This scent will flood your senses with a bouquet of freshly picked magnolias!


Refreshingly sweet mulberries collide with a reviving blend of citrus, lime, orange, and tangerine.
Pearberry Ripe Barlett pears and sweet red raspberries pack a fruity punch. Boysenberries and blackberries round out this fragrant sensation.

Pumpkin Spice

Warm ginger and clove mingle with sweet cinnamon and comforting nutmeg in this true holiday aroma!

Pumpkin Spice Swirl

Warm ginger and clove mingle with sweet cinnamon and comforting nutmeg. Touches of sweet sugar cookie dough, topped with creamy vanilla icing make this a true holiday aroma.

Romantic Amber

What a romance is all about! Light this warm, seductive scent of soft cashmere, with subtle scents of white iris, ginger, and antique amber to create a sensual ambiance on that special occasion.

Soothing Lavender and Vanilla

The perfect way to soothe your soul after a long day! Lose yourself in waves of classic French lavender, irresistible sweet vanilla, and subtle notes of soft floral.
Southern Breeze This aroma captivates your senses with bursts of freshness. It's like a mild gust of wind in a sunlit field.
Sunshine Memories Like spending a day in a hammock with rays of sunlight shining down on your skin! Get lost in crisp refreshing notes of newly cleansed linens with subtle hints of pure white jasmine and tender violet petals.

Swamp Man™

This Louisiana classic invades your senses with the smell of sweet muscadine wine and berries. This scent is definitely intoxicating and addicting!
True Love™
Float down a river of velvety rose petals, exotic hibiscus, and light touches of sweet cinnamon. Close your eyes and relax... let the tangle of scents surround you and warm your heart. Fall in True Love™ all over again!

Wedding Cake

Remember your wedding day? The excitement..the joy..the fullness of your heart as you joined your life to the one you love? Relive those memories again with the aroma of warm cinnamon and sweet almond confection swirled with drops of golden brown butter in our delicious Wedding Cake!
Vanilla Cupcake What do you get when you combine Kettle Korn and Vanilla Sugar Cookie???  You get Vanilla Cupcake.  This is a very unique scent but makes your mouth water!