Retail Partners - Selling Support

Selling Tips

1. Display a Burning Candle -- Order a burning candle or burning oils to entice customers as soon as they walk in through the door! Burning oils can be used with wax warmers or crock-pots. Please make sure you don't burn candles on any heat sensitive or flammable surfaces.
Be sure to keep the wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch and remove any soot from the wax or glass sides. Make sure you let the candles burn until the entire top turns to liquid, which ensures that the candle burns evenly to last as long as possible. You can extinguish the flame by pushing the wick into the liquid wax to avoid smoke and to ensure that the flame does not reignite.

2.  Educate Customers -- Allow customers to freely smell the candles (rubbing the wax can release its scent). Share your favorite scent(s) and ask them what kind of fragrances they like. Hand the candles to them so that they hold them in their hands as they smell them. Smelling coffee beans resets one's "scent palate" so you could have a small jar handy.
When they make a purchase, give customers a candle care sheet and explain how to trim wicks, how to allow the candle to burn evenly, and give them safety reminders. Please do not put any stickers on the safety warning label.