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    Amy's Blog — Home Decor

    My Romantic Plantation Home

    My Romantic Plantation Home

    I love all my customers and appreciate all of you so much! If I could, I would invite all of you to come over so I can cook for you, and have a good time! Sadly, I can't have everybody I decided to bring my home to YOU!

    Welcome to my romantic plantation home!

    Come have a seat in the living room! We’ll have some coffee and talk!

    I LOVE to cook! My kitchen is my favorite place in the house!

    This is the dining room, where I love to entertain my guests!


    This is my bedroom–my place to relax! It’s 20 x 20 and so warm and cozy. I love this room!

    I LOVE my double doors! I can let in the morning breeze!

    This is the master bath!

    This is my sun room, where we go to enjoy the beautiful weather and relax!

    This is the back porch, or as I like to call it, my hang-out spot!

    Feel like going for a swim? Let’s hop in the pool!

    The porches are some of my favorite things about the house!

    This is the little guesthouse out back!

    This is the guesthouse bedroom! Cozy and snug!

    These are the bedrooms from my summer cottage by the lake!

    My guest house.

    My guest house kitchen.


    Thanks so much for coming to visit with me! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Come again soon! God Bless Ya'll!